Monday, March 09, 2009

A list

About a week ago, Fanny and I talked (online, since we live in different cities) and decided to revive this blog. I volunteered to write the first post (supposed to have been up days ago). In the days since, I have been thinking--after all, we need the perfect post to lure people back. It had to be brilliant. Except I couldn't think of what to write about. I started but did not finish quite a lot of posts. Today, I'm giving up. Next time, you'll have a better thought out piece of writing but this is not it.

So you'll have a navel-gazing list:

- I'm currently trying to put together a book proposal.
- A colleague and I have written an article that we'd like to send off to a journal.
- I stay home and write my thesis but the more I write, the more it seems still needs to be written.
- I have no social life at all. I don't even watch soccer or go to the cinema anymore. This is because...

I'm now unemployed. No job. Surprisingly, the unemployment part is not much different to being employed except now I seem to spend 2-3 days in a row wearing pajamas and t-shirts, not leaving home.

This could be a problem since social interaction was (is) not my strong point. It turns out I am quite happy of spending days in solitary musings and/or writing without actually having any desire to talk to people. I have also become (more) cranky so that when I do have to interact with people, I give a passable imitation of a werewolf.

The fact that, these days, I'm living off my meagre savings means I have no desire to go out and about. Going out would mean restaurants/pubs/bookstores, all of which are places where I tend to spend money. Since I returned to the USA 4 weeks ago, I've eaten out once.

Something has to change.