Thursday, June 19, 2008


So I have a shriveled, black heart, right? I'm pretty okay with that, especially after this week. This week sucked ass.

One of the more bizarre incidents was being stopped in the parking garage at work by a strangely belligerent and yet weepy young woman. She stopped one of the co-workers and I and asked if we had a cell phone. As I was standing around with my cell phone in my hand, I couldn't quite lie. Co-Worker is a Luddite and has no such technology (which is a pain in the ass when you want to call him and complain about sucky-ass things). So Strangely Belligerent Yet Weepy Stranger kind of chased Co-Worker off, saying her problem was too embarrassing and she'd like to make the call in private, but apparently was okay with me standing there. Why wasn't she scared off by the shriveled, black heart? Other people are. Co-Worker was very supportive and kind of Should I leave? Should I call the police? Do you have pepper spray? You realize you're being kind of stupid, right? But, whatever, I could totally take Strangely Belligerent Yet Weepy Stranger in a death match. Hah.

I ended up standing around in that garage for a good 10-15 minutes as she called about ten phone numbers trying to get help as her embarrassing problem was that her car broke down somewhere on the highway, she used up all her money trying to make phone calls, and was now stranded 50 miles from home in a crappy neighborhood. Allegedly. And crying all over my phone. My beeeyoooteefull phone.

I ended up making an excuse (because I felt REALLY uncomfortable at this point), and giving her a dollar in quarters, which was honestly all the cash I had on me. Stranger still, instead of going to the security desk or looking for a pay phone, she walked up to the third floor of the parking garage, where there are no phones, just a few cars. Uh?

This didn't really impact me, just one of those got caught in an uncomfortable situation, but no foul to me, and maybe I helped out someone just a little.

Which brings me to today. I parked on a busy street, trying to get to the Chinese grocery. Stupid Pittsburgh parking meters only take quarters. Guess what I was out of? But just needed a few things, was going to chance it, danger freak that I am. Walked a little ways down the street, and saw the meter maid's car, said shit ever so quietly and reversed my direction. A very nice man in a blue shirt, walking now in the same direction as me said "Quarters?," reached into his pocket and gave me two quarters, refusing to be repaid, without even breaking his stride.

I love this man. After this sucky-ass week (no, really! I have a degree in English Literature!), proof that it all works out, that what you get is what you put in and sometimes people are just kind for no reason at all, that was good.

My shriveled black heart warmed just a little.

Please don't vomit now.

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BumWit said...

Well...well...well...soon, that heart will be a blooming flower. (I STILL reckon you are far too nice for your own good)

I, on the other hand, am totally playing up my non-existent charm to get beer(s) off people in Portland. And have found a 24-hour cafe to stay in/at.
Things are looking up(ish)