Friday, July 18, 2008

blogging bags and books

I went to shop for swimmers yesterday and, after visiting many many (okay, three. But it seemed like a lot) shops, I ended up with a bag instead.

Just like the one you see here, except mine is a darker red colour. Fanny'd tell you I'm really not a (posh) bag type of person and I admit I'm a bit scared of my new bag. I'll keep yous updated on its adventures.

Talking of adventures, I finished reading a book in which various totally sex-filled scenes occur, most of which are rather far-fetched.* But, loads of people getting it off in this book. To the extent that it was enough to make one want to go get a David Tennant of one's own (probably NSFW).

* In my admittedly non experiential basis--sex on a horse? I'm not that keen on horses to start off with and unless it's a gelding, wouldn't it get excited? (and that can't be good for all parties concerned).


fanny wonder said...

Dude. I love the bag. I love, love, love the bag. If I wire you money (if people even do that anymore), will you buy me one?

BumWit said...

Oh, sorry, I can't since I got it at a thrift store and this was the only one there. It doesn't have identification tags or anything that tells me where it came from :(