Tuesday, July 15, 2008

musings on Mamma Mia

I've got a four-day break from teaching so you'll probably be hearing a lot more of my (admittedly not too fascinating) views on life, love and liberty. Starting with this:

Until today, I wasn't sure who the groom was. When I found out it's one of my favourite new actors (in a purely aesthetic sense), Mr. Dominic Cooper, I *almost* regretted buying a ticket to The Dark Knight instead of this.

It's rather sad though that all the publicity has focused on the "oldies" (nothing wrong with that since that includes Mr. Firth and Mr. Brosnan and Ms. Streep). But, for those of us who appreciate a fit lad (and a gorgeous accent) of our own age, Mr. Cooper fits the bill brilliantly. Not to mention that he was one of my favourite boys in The History Boys

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