Sunday, August 03, 2008


In the past couple of days, I've met a couple of guys. Well, I've met loads of people but two particular guys I want to talk about. Both were similar--East coast transplants to the Southwest, wicked sense(s) of humour, extroverts (both are in customer service-y jobs so have to be, I guess), and with similar builds (skinny, blond/red haired, well-defined muscles but not all muscle-y, if that makes sense). And, yet, I found yesterday's guy totally annoying and oh-so-ready to be bopped on the head while I found today's guy ready to be jumped/fantasised about.

I realised things were bad when, laying on a rock by a stream, I noticed he had lovely arm hair (is there a term for this?) and rather shocked myself by imagining all the things that could be done with/to that.

In the middle of the bloody day. After a long, gruelling hike. Arm hair. Seriously.

As Fanny'd probably tell yous, I'm not really the sort who fancies blokes off-the-cuff. And yet, today, I spent most of the day noticing minute details about this bloke: nice fingernails (well cut, blunt), lovely legs (probably from hiking up and down mountains), capable, excellent taste in music (we discussed this) and a curiousity about places and people. Oh and very easy to talk to.

Of course, I did nothing. What would I do since I'm leaving tomorrow? What would I say, anyway? "Look, you're really fanciable, I think but I'm sure you've heard this before?"

But I still find it funny that the same "type" of bloke popped up twice in two days--one, I couldn't wait to be rid of; the other, I would like to take travelling with me.

Another funny thing? He's actually from Fanny's home city. I didn't know they bred boys like this over there :)

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