Monday, August 25, 2008

Weirdly obsessed.

So you know how Bum and I are oddly obsessed with Twilight? It's sick and compelling. Someone who shall not be named spent an embarrassing amount of time watching YouTube trailers for the movie coming out (which has apparently taken the new Harry Potter release date. Rat bastards). Anyway, though I (we?) am weirdly obsessed, I (we?) am still vaguely contemptuous and refuse to read the books. Because of the principle. What principle that is, I don't know. The I am incredibly annoying and judgmental principle? Probably. Hey. I don't judge how you live your life (except I (we?) totally do).

So even though the person who shall not be named watched all those trailers, this trailer is SO MUCH BETTER.

Thanks to the Smart Bitches.

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