Wednesday, May 07, 2008

i kicked the cobblestones today...

...22,000 dead in a land far away
It seemed as though the world was going astray
So what do I do?
Walk around without a shoe*

And here's what happened:

I walked around barefoot**
I did walk barefoot
I’m sorry but it’s true

I walked around barefoot
Oh yes, I walked around barefoot
I didn’t put on any shoes

I walked around barefoot
On the street, on the floor,
On a carpet near the door
It was gross, it was neat
I was doing it with bare feet

I walked the streets without shoes
Oh yes, that's big news
While yous are drinking tonic and gin
I did this thing that was made of win?

I said I was walking with feet unshod
On the bus, on the metro, on the way over to uni
People stood, people stared
People thought I was a bit loony

Naked feet, naked soles
Traipsing up and down the ‘ments
Keep eyes down, keep them there
Otherwise beware

But, yes!
I walked around barefoot all day
No shoes, no sandals, that was my way
It was fun, it was odd
To see my feet, see them unshod

On the road, on the stairs,
Everywhere (if you care)
It was warm, there was no harm
On the grass, in the lift
While reading Jon Swift
In the cafe, on my trip
I had no flops, nor a flip

* Apologies to the Beatles
** Apologies to Sarah Silverman/Matt Damon


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