Friday, May 09, 2008


I have recently become obsessed with spinach. I'm trying to find ways to stuff pounds of it into my body and I'm not sure why. Everything is better with spinach! Soup? Dump some spinach in! Eating pasta? Why, a little green would perk that right up! Any kind of meat? A bed of spinach would be so decorative!

Fascinated by the way it wilts down into itty-bitty nothingness. Think it's fantastic that I can buy a pound of it fresh and be perfectly comfortable eating they whole pound cooked. Find it fabulous that I can pretend I'm being terribly, terribly healthy by stuffing mass quantities of it down my throat.

Perhaps I have an iron deficiency. Which means I should go eat more spinach!

It started out with this lovely creamed spinach recipe from Ree the Pioneer Woman. It's completely snowballed from there.

Do you think this counteracts the Cheet-o addiction?

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