Friday, March 21, 2008

Good at counting.

Truly. I get caught up in doing what people tell me to do. Ruled by my superego and need to let the id out to play more. If I ascribed to that kind of stuff. And even though my CBT heart cries out against it, I totally do. Freud is such a cheeky bastard (and I never knew his middle name was Schlomo. Kind of liking him a little more now).

I've been a bad blog parent, as Bum has gently reminded me. The neglect is shameful. All my energy has been spent on fighting off a cold (which I've been kind of successful at. Though I think I may be OD-ing on B-12, Vitamin C and zinc), panicking about my dissertation and then panicking again about a huge presentation I have to give at work. With PowerPoint. In front of people. With eyes. Who will ask questions. That I will have to answer. And not run off crying. Or swearing. Or using rampant italics.

I'm just not comfortable with that.

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