Friday, March 21, 2008

Suckered in.

I do this thing where I answer questionnaires and build up credits and then get free stuff. Like magazines. Which is why I currently get five magazines in the mail I didn't actually pay for. I think this makes me sound a little bit sad.

So last night I got a request to do one of these jobbers and it involved watching 45-minutes of a new program and then answer some questions. Wasn't actually planning on finishing it. Because it was late, there were other things I needed to do and sleeping is so very wonderful.

And I got totally hooked.

Here's why:

(He's very pretty, no? And Irish.)

Also because I knew what I was watching within 10 minutes. Which is a remake of a British show, Life on Mars. Which I think Bum watched. Which made me continue watching.

Not just because Jason O'Mara is all clenched and tortured and gruff and terse and, at one time, shirtless.

Oh no, not because of that.

It makes me think that there is nothing creative left and soon TV will be BBC America with American accents/actors and [insert country] Idol.

I am so very jaded.

Except I'm kind of interested in what My Name is Earl would be like with a British spin.

As I write that I fear that My Name is Earl is actually a remake of a British TV show.

I'm not sure I can deal with the circularity. My head may explode.

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