Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In which I blatantly crib from Bum and admire an even more youthful actor.

Since when did Shia LaBeouf become hot?

(Also: since when did I become a pervy old woman?)

I say this based on Disturbia, which I watched tonight and shivered and screamed and exclaimed "oh shit!" at all the appropriate moments.

And also, you know, kind of thought the very, very, very, almost-could-be-my-son-if-I-made-very-bad-choices-in-high-school (I said almost! Give or take 5-7 years) Mr. LaBeouf was kind of ... cripes, I feel gross admitting this ... kind of hot.

Was set up!

With the low slung jeans and bare feet and spectacular house with lovely windows and ... you know, adolescent angst and longing.

This is even in the face of his questionable activities. And the audacity of figuring into the holiest of holies, the Indiana Jones saga. Even with that present in my mind.

It's official. I've grossed myself out.

(But Disturbia was a good movie.)

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