Thursday, March 13, 2008

in which I'm a year older

and yet not much wiser.

Spring break is half over and I've not done much of what I thought I'd have done. That means you, dear reader(s), will have to remain unentertained and/or go elsewhere for your "fun fix" for the next few days. I have two papers to finish (for a conference I'm headed off to in less than ten days), 30-some papers to grade and a journal issue to send off to the publishers.

Of course, spring has chosen this time to make itself known and it's difficult to get things done when it's 60 degrees Fahrenheit out there and people are frolicking in the streets.

One thing though: as I was sat on the metro this morning, I noticed a chap in the seat across me was reading this. I find it intriguing and wonder whether he reckons his sister is a werewolf (ontologically-speaking) or whether he wants to understand whether she is a werewolf and, if so, how to study her (epistemology).

I suppose I should get back to write those papers.

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