Saturday, September 06, 2008


In the hopes of acquiring a social life, I went out to dinner tonight. The chap was fantastic--French and, like all French stereotypes, sophisticated, charming, and all consideration. I was wined (he picked the wine), dined (the restaurant was posh and absolutely beyond my usual student budget) and walked home (he accompanied me).

However, having recently discovered Professional Bull Riding (my sister and I were hooked after a couple of viewings), I'd rather have had one of these types (except without the bull, of course):

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fanny wonder said...

A group of my friends in college were riveted by bullriding for a while. And then we watched a rider who was, for lack of a better phrase, obviously fucked up beyond belief from a previous ride (slurred speech, eyes wouldn't focus, didn't look like he could sit up by himself), and were horrified. He won, but he couldn't even say his name after the ride. I've never been able to watch it since.