Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Romance at Borders

On Sunday, I accompanied my sister to my local Borders. While she dithered about, trying to decide what to buy to take on her long train journey, I saw that Nalini Singh's Mine to Possess was already available, despite having a release date of 2 September (said date having been etched in my mind since this series is, so far, the only series I have followed since its start). I picked it up and went to pay for it.

The lady behind the counter smiled. I smiled back, gave her my book and waited. She looked at the book, looked at me (decked out in "I'm an astronomer in training" T-shirt that I'd picked up during my summer travels) and said, "I always thought these books were only for one thing. You can tell, can't you, looking at the cover"
Me: Eh?
Her: Well, he's hot, isn't he? Look at that (points out the cover model )
Me: And you can't see his face, which makes him perfect.
Her: Bursts out laughing. Continues laughing loudly. Keeps going until my sister, the other people in line, other staff and even people at the back of the store are looking over . Ohhh....that's funny...hahahah...that is really good. I've not laughed…hahhahah.
Me: Umm...great. Can I take the book, now? (and put it in my bag )
Her: holding on to the book I remember this other book. It had a couple and they were wearing very little, you know, you could see her breasts and it was winter! There was snow everywhere! I couldn't think how they would...
Me: These books are just for fun, I reckon. Not for thinking. Logic doesn't come into it.
Her: Still...this seems a good one...haha... I wonder what he does?

my sister, who'd had enough socialising by now, interrupted and dragged me away but not before I saw two of my current students among the group of people observing all this.

ETA: For some reason, I can't upload pictures or anything right now. Maybe Fanny'll help? Or, just go here to have a look at the cover. I think I've fixed it. I also think I've killed the computer my department gave me. Ah well.

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