Monday, September 22, 2008

Hector Neglector.

I've been absent for a while. I don't have a good excuse or exciting adventures to retell. I think that's the problem. That there are no exciting adventures to post here and so I haven't.

I'm in this weird place of unemployment right now and I hate. I hate explaining why I'm not working, why my job prospects are defined by certain requirements so as not to render the past six years null and void, why I'm living at home,why I have no money, why I'm in this weird dependent stage again.

And yet I'm kind of having a good time. There's this certain amount of irresponsibility and flow and yes, I can do that because I have no appointments, no time I have to be at work or time I have to be at work until. It's kind of awesome.

But I need to be working again. I need to feel like an adult, like I'm responsible, that my life is moving onward, not stagnating. And it will happen, I have no doubt. But this interim time, this slice out of real life is bizarre. I'm kind of ashamed (read: a lot. Damn stupid work ethic), and still find myself thinking "I should savor being able to wake up when I want to because this isn't going to happen again for the rest of my life." Like I said, bizarre.

There are reviews to be reviewed. I think Bum has one about the certain object of a stalkery adolescent vampire.

Though not much can top Samurai Girl.

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BumWit said...

I've an awesome book for us all and I'll put it here as soon as I find the cover pic for it online.

Also, phooey to existential crisis--you will get work soon. Just think of this as a time of rest and relaxation and enjoyment and come visit me, damn it!