Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nothing can compare

I meant to post this on Friday--Talk like a Pirate Day--but was too busy being sick and wondering whether the feeling of wandering in a world filled with cotton wool would go away. I found this at my local library's book sale last week (for 50c!). I love the yellow shirt/eyepatch combo on the bloke (and that he appears to be wearing wellies--well-prepared, you might say) but am a bit concerned that the lady appears to have come up on deck wearing a nightie and a (fur?) neck wrap.

I've actually not managed to make myself read it--mostly because I've been swamped with work but also because I fear the actual story will be a sad letdown after that cover.

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fanny wonder said...

That's an awesome cover. Sadly, I think I've read some stuff by Sara Blayne.