Saturday, September 06, 2008


Yous probably won't realise that I'm doing you a favour but I am. Go and watch Samurai Girl (broadcast on ABC family today; available online, I'm sure). It's full of cheesy (Asian and otherwise) stereotypes, an awful storyline and general all-round badness that yous should enjoy.

And the Japan scholar chap is hot. Why aren't more of my academic mates like him?

ETA: I was talking (off blog) with Fanny just now and she asked whether we should be happy that there was a show with an Asian leading lady/cast or whether we should despair at the rampant propagation of stereotypes (not just Asian, but the culturally-sensitive martial arts bloke, the geeky guy, the brilliant scholar who gives up a job for his principles, etc etc). In honour of a show that, in my youth, did a lot to skewer stereotypes, I give yous this: Goodness Gracious Me* and "Going out for an English".

* For those unfamiliar with GGM, check out Youtube for some classic clips. It ran for a few years in the mid-late 1990s and starred folks who would later go on to bigger (and better?) things.

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