Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, dear reader(s), you may have thought Fanny and I forgot about you. You may have thought that you've invested time and effort in getting to know us (and not in a The King and I sort of way) and we, cruelly and capriciously, abandoned you as we flitted off into places of wonder and glee. You may have thought we thoughtlessly didn't provide you with details as to what we were about to do and then teased and tantalised you by posting a few lines about homesickness and beach resorts on the other side of the world.

We don't want resorts, you say. We want you to come back online and write about life, love, leering (at the stats instructor who just happens to be about 7-feet tall and have a Southern accent) and lame (with an ' but I can't seem to figure out how to do that) leggings. Well, maybe not the last since Fanny would never be seen dead in such gear and even I draw the line somewhere. Though I did buy striped, cat-in-the-hattish stockings last week.

Where was I? Oh, right, with you. I was writing about what you thought about blogs and blogging. More specifically, what you thought about Fanny and I's mysterious disappearance from this site. So far, you've read your way here and thought, "hmm...she's surprisingly spot on. I wonder how she knows". Well, I know because I was also waiting. I was waiting for inspiration to strike. I was waiting and wondering whether I should post about the book that I won in an online contest (my first-ever win at anything) or whether I should post about still wanting to run away during spring break and visit Fanny or whether I should post about the reasons I rather like James McAvoy or why I've put off buying my airplane ticket to San Francisco even though I'm supposed to be there from 25-30 March. I was waiting...

While waiting I texted/emailed Fanny and we talked about the blog. Neither of us actually posted you notice but we did talk about it. Does that count, dear reader(s)? Does that count as being aware of your existence and even, perhaps, caring about what you were thinking? Proabably not. After all, yous were not to know what we were doing.

But, here I am. Back. Writing. You might well say, "but this is drivel. You tell us nothing". As always, of course, you are right. One of these days we'll put up the potentilly webby-winning content. Until then, this is it.

More anon. I hope.

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