Friday, February 08, 2008

OED bound.

I'm taking a page from Holly, and am decreeing supertuesday my word of the year. Or at least my word of late winter/spring.

I have a habit of using a phrase or word to death, until it becomes annoying to my ear (and usually this occurs long, long after it's become annoying to other people's ears). In high school, I used chiquita like I lived on a banana farm. (Do bananas come from farms?) Then there's shit on a stick, which, to be honest, I use quite a lot still. Right now, I'm using dude. I have to actively restrain myself from calling my supervisors dude. As in "Dr. XYZ, could you sign off on this treatment plan? Dude." It is the time to embrace my adolescence.

I think this will work out if you say supertuesday superfast. So it comes out like "That's soopahtoozdei. Dude." And then don't explain.

Because only the weak explain.

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