Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I hate Facebook.

I hate Facebook because it lulls me into thinking that I'm actually keeping in contact with friends.

I hate Facebook because I am, in actuality, not keeping in touch with friends, but merely reading one line "updates."

I hate Facebook because rather than showing up with a cupcake, or hug, or hatching egg, I push some buttons and voila!, no actual effort needed.

I hate Facebook because my 50+ year old supervisor is on Facebook and I think he may be the type to search me.

I hate Facebook because there are patients on Facebook (who I have searched) and I can post limited amounts of information.

I hate Facebook because, really, I wouldn't actually put anything very salacious up.

I hate Facebook because this reminds me that I don't have anything very salacious to put up.

I hate Facebook because I am addicted to Facebook.

And what the fuck is with the new IM-feature?

1 comment:

BumWit said...

damn. you've reminded me i have to check Facebook and update my update feed....

as for supervisors being on facebook, i've got students wanting to friend me. since my life is an open book, i'm (possibly unwisely) letting them...