Friday, April 04, 2008


I have no Friday Frivolity. Well, I might. But right now am feeling resentful. Because work is bad. Work is real bad. Work is having worked 45 hours by Thursday, a mind-numbing conference on Friday and making...because am a insulting amount of money. Seriously. Insulting.

So hate work right now. Going to go live on a deserted island. With coconuts. That require no cracking. And bananas that don't give you woolly potassium mouth. And sun that does not give you cancer. This is obviously a very good plan. Well thought out.


I am going to go console myself with cookies.

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BumWit said...

Oh no! all that sounds awful. My trip back was more of an (expensive) adventure than anything major. I still want to brave the train and come visit you again but won't intrude when you're so busy.