Saturday, April 05, 2008

in which i get called "baby"

Worked most of today, designing syllabi for the two classes I'm teaching over the summer and grading papers. Then, went and joined some mates for a few drinks. On my way back home, it started raining so took the bus. This ensued:

(at my stop) me: Thanks very much, have a good night.
bus driver (a bloke): good night baby.
me (in my head): baby???

I'm not sure why "baby" makes me feel uncomfortable while I'm fine with being called "love" in places like Australia and Wales. It's probably some odd cultural hang-up. Also, probably some sort of residue of having watched Dirty Dancing as a young 'un.

Talking about remnants from the past, did yous read that NKOTB are reforming?

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