Saturday, January 26, 2008

also spreading warmth (but of a different sort)

So, dear readers, the heat is out in my house and since it's an old house from the turn of the 20th C (around 1910 apparently) it's fucking freezing. As the world gets increasingly colder around me, I thought I would sit down and pen a few words of gratitude and spread warmth of the emotional sense while wondering if my toes will ever have feelings in them in the physical sense.

Not much to write about really. It's been a week of challenge (trying to deal with one kid who seems to think he's the intructor of my class instead of me), entertainment (confusion upon the subject of what constitutes "seeing" someone), loneliness (chatted with Mum and realised how lonely they will be when LilSis2 leaves the parental household in a week's time), gratitude (well, I"m not dead...yet) and, of course, a lot of shivering (see first paragraph).

Also (I may as well put this in public view), I almost bought myself a train ticket to visit Fanny* AGAIN during spring break since spring break coincides with my b'day and I really really want to be somewhere that's NOT my current city on my b'day. And, of course, like one of those Fate-y things that sort of call out in dour voices just when you're about to stare into the abyss or something, Amtrak is having a $35 sale to various cities. The only city which a) has a sale ticket and b) has someone I can persuade to go hang out and eat yummy foods with me is Fanny's city. And, sadly enough, I've been dreaming of Goodwill**, and a street which has very cool street stalls, and the absolutely marvellous foodstuffs that I ate when I visited her last.

I might still buy a ticket and come visit. Tix have to be bought by the 31st of this month to take advantage of Amtrak's sale so that gives Fanny 5 days to raise an objection. Just in case I give in to temptation, Fanny, do please keep the the weekend of 14-15 March or the weekend after*** free.

I plan to keep on spreading the warmth by inflicting myself upon my friends and taking advantage of their good nature...

* Keeping in mind that I did this already in early December and she was a bloody marvellous host, despite my waffling tendencies and indecisiveness over everything! I'd not have all those good memories of places and foods if she'd not taken me about.

** My city requires a planned day trip to visit any Goodwill store and even then the pickings are meagre.

*** Well, just Friday night since I'd catch the Sat train home.

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fanny wonder said...

Of course you should come visit! Visit away! I even know where the bus station is now! And the train station! Exclamation points!!!