Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Newspapers (including the NYT's City Room blog), tabloid sites and bloggers are all commenting on it already: as of this afternoon, Heath Ledger's dead*.

I shall always remember his stint as the Irish prince in Roar. The prince, along with a band of helpers, tried to defeat evil Romans and lead the locals to freedom. The roar showed how we were all connected--animals, forest-dwellers, those that are different, and so on--it was "the power of life".

In my view, one of the better shows for those "I'd rather be sat at home, drinking hot chocolate and eating Tim Tams" weekends.** It's too bad he didn't have a show like that for himself.

Also, how will this affect The Dark Knight? I saw the previews in whch Mr. Ledger was the Joker and they were rather impressive. I hope he'd finished filming his bits before he topped himself off/accidentally died though they can do marvels with technology.

* Yes, yes, I'm well aware that loads of people, including young children, die every day due to preventable diseases and lack of health care (as I was told when I dared mention Mr. Ledger's death to my university colleagues earlier). That doesn't mean I can't talk about this one.

** It was also filmed in parts of the world I spent a lot of time in and the vegetation/scenery is fantastic.

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