Saturday, January 05, 2008


Today, I went and saw Sweeney Todd*. I actually arrived there in time for the previews. These included a a horror film, two films about war and conspiracy, and two musicals. The last one--Mamma Mia--concerned me a bit since it starred Colin Firth, who'd morphed from A) to B) without my being aware of it. Nothing wrong with B) except I can't quite imagine having fantasies about that chap (and also he reminds me a bit much of various blokes who used to hang about the beaches around where I grew up)

I checked IMDB who told me Pride and Prejudice came out in 1995. No wonder Mr Firth's looking a bit more settled.

Please excuse me while I go off to have an existential crisis.

* For the 2nd time. It's not that good (I think Alan Rickman would have made a better Todd and someone else should have played H B-C's role) but it's still better than a lot of films out there right now.

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