Wednesday, January 02, 2008

When I said "nothing", I don't think it was meant literally

Yesterday: Start of a New Year (or, as people call it, "NYE")

My activities: Starting at 6pm, I had dinner with my landladies (76-year old and 54-year old), 3 dogs and a housemate.
At 8pm, we opened up a bottle of champagne and toasted the New Year. Landladies told us that they weren't planning on staying up till midnight to do so and that "it must be midnight somewhere"*. After this, like most young people, my roommate headed out to party.

Me? I headed upstairs to my room, (re)watched the entire series of North&South, posted here (see yesterday's post) and went to sleep.

If that doesn't qualify as doing nothing then I don't know what does.

I should also remind Fanny that she's not an Accountant in Afghanistan (despite what her profile says). Though if any of yous are looking for Afghani accountants**, I'm sure we can play the part for you.

* And to think Mr. Buffett made a very similar point but probably with different intentions.

** Blogger appears to think that, since neither of us provided full details of where we allegedly are (I have updated mine) on our profiles, we were both Afghani accountants.

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fanny said...

Perhaps I have a double secret life and am really an Afghani accountant, and it is just a diabological coincidence, cooked up by the vast network of conspiracy that is blogger. Perhaps.

Also, when I see "NYE" I automatically process NYC. I am special.