Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'd vote for manscaping. After all, that's almost a public service so we should all vote for it.

BBC headline "Australians vote on word of 2007".

Other choices include:
Password fatigue: Frustration caused by having too many passwords and failing to remember them
Manscaping: Male grooming procedures involving the removal of body hair
Tanorexia: An obsessive desire to have tanned skin
Credit card tart: Someone who transfers loans to a new card when the interest-free period of the first card expires
Salad dodger: an overweight person
Microgrom: a surfer under the age of 10

Full story here.

Remember the American word of the year was the very exciting "subprime".


fanny said...

It occurs to me that "manscaping" and "tanorexia" are do you say? Five years ago. Just sayin'.

Bumwit said...

Well, this is Australia--things are "down under" there.
Yes, I know. Terrible.