Wednesday, January 30, 2008


First, not only did I bang my head against the keyboard but I was strongly tempted to visit Fanny this weekend and yell at her in person. But, I shall talk a deep breath and refrain. For now. Or send annoyed text messages every other day.

Then, my new job is taking up almost all of my spare time. I am now the Assistant Editor of SomeJournal. Most of the other SJ folks are based in Europe. Europeans, so far, are cute and unconcerned about time. I rather like that since, in general, I prefer to think of time as fairly elastic too. But not right now. Now, I need to get a bunch of stuff off them and I've been waiting...and waiting....The publishers (not European and hence rather more concerned about time) are getting miffed. It depends on how much longer this will last since a new issue is due very soon and I can't do my part if the Europeans don't get their bums in gear.

Also, you know you've got it bad when you see the second picture (Mr. Mortensen on the red carpet during the SAG Awards 2008) and still think ohh....Aragorn (first pic) and then forget to do any work for the next few minutes while you wonder where your copy of the LOTR series is.

I (re)watched North and South over the weekend and thought: hmm...I wonder if they could get rid of that bloke from the final scenes since he just drags it down. Then I found this. Enjoy.

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