Tuesday, January 01, 2008


So, why am I here? I don't know if you mean here in the literal sense (on my bed, late night/early morning) or here in the metaphysical sense (of which I know or care little) or here in the "why this blog now?" sense?

Well, I'll answer the last one: Fanny and I decided, in a time and place that is sure to go down in history as being the site that created much wit and wonder, that, in addition to writing sentences without end (me) and rather amusing sentences (her), we were both fairly bored at odd points in time and so we should do what most of the world (or those with regular access to the Interwebs) do: blog. Also, it might be best to blog for the same blog since, that way, there would be more chance of one of us regularly writing. Fanny has touching faith in my ability to help us stretch our "brain capacity". I would say (and I'm sure you will agree--just keep reading regularly) that we are more likely to (most likely) annoy and frustrate you, (maybe) amuse you and (perhaps) tell you deep, dark secrets about ourselves which I'm sure you all want to know. We shall also, on a regular basis, provide you with much-needed information without which you will be unable to function.

So, the point is to read this and read regularly as well shall be writing about that essential part of human lives: nothing. I've never read/seen the Neverending story so my nothing is more like the sort about which much ado is made of. We shall endeavour to write entire monologues on nothingness (but not on being) or on any and all things that strike our fancy (not fanny, thank you. Such things should remain (mostly) private).

Also, as I do not recall my dreams, does that mean I have no soul or just that I have the attention span of a gnat? And, has anyone actually tested gnats to see whether these insects really do have minimal attention spans or are gnats actually co-existing in a parallel universe where they have the (alleged) attention span and memory-retention capacity of an elephant? Are we to be gnattist here?

On that note, farewell from me (for now). Happy 2008, dear reader.

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