Sunday, January 20, 2008


I emerged from my self-imposed seclusion* today to go and watch the first match of the African Cup of Nations football tournament. It was thrilling stuff, Ghana vs Guinea.

In the course of 90 mins, I managed to:

1. Piss off 3/4 of the other spectators by loudly cheering on Ghana and swearing "like a sailor". One of the blokes told me it was "unfeminine". My response is probably not worth posting here.
2. Realised swearing at people on the telly is rather calming. Some of us go to yoga, some meditate, I watch sports.
3. Ah identities and gender issues--people thought I was either from Zimbabwe or South Africa since why else would a girl be watching football alone?
4. I have a date for the next match tomorrow**! Whee!!

* I've told myself I'll finish writing the draft of a chapter or else wither away in my bedroom a la Miss Havisham (but with pyjamas instead of a wedding dress)

** No, not one of my fellow spectators but a chap I met last weekend. I don't agree with going to sporting events to find blokes to date (Fanny will attest to my militant attitude on this)

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