Friday, January 11, 2008


I am very disturbed by this book:

I like this author, I like her other books in the series. This one...I don't know.

Applause on one hand for going somewhere unexpected, especially for this genre and sub-genre. And there are aspects I like. I love the fairy-tale-artifact aspect. It's obviously that archaeologist in me screaming to come out and play.

But...the more I think about it (and I suppose that's some measure of success, that I'm still thinking about a paranormal the next day), the more I feel just a little bit cheated and manipulated and at the mercy of editing decisions that impacted/impeded the narrative. Shoved the narrative down unearned paths.

I have opinions. I want others.

And I especially feel Bum should read this so we can disagree. No languid-handed vampires, though. I'm not sure if she can get past that disappointment.


BumWit said...

Just bought a couple of other books so am skint right now but might get to it this weekend? I actually wanted to get the other werewolf book (Eileen Wilks) but if you say this one has vampires and werewolves, it might be made of win.

Bridget Locke said...

Hmm...I actually really enjoyed this book. The "twist" totally threw me for a loop. Almost squicked me out, but not the point where I won't read the rest of the books. Her writing is too good for me not to. :)

Also she lives in the same area I do, so that's always good. Came across your blog on Nalini's. Had to come over to see your favorite heroes and I am. :)

Hope you have a great weekend! And I like your blog.